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Welcome to the world of Maria Mihalikova, a London-based illustrator and contemporary artist whose creative journey is a fusion of inspiration, experiences, and boundless imagination. Maria, born in the quaint Slovakian town of Koseca, holds a Master's degree in Fashion Design & Art from Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic, Maria's artistic vision knows no bounds.

While London is her current home, the heart of Maria's creativity beats to the rhythm of Provincetown, Massachusetts. It is here, amid the captivating landscapes and the untamed beauty of nature, that Maria discovered her wellspring of inspiration. Her Provincetown years were filled with adventure, including seasons spent working with majestic whales in their natural habitat. This extraordinary experience ignited the spark of creativity that now fuels her artwork.

Maria's artistic expression is a vivid tapestry of ink drawing, watercolors, and a diverse range of media and techniques. Her works are a compelling blend of contemporary art and the avant-garde, often exploring futuristic and sci-fi interpretations of Provincetown's essence. Through her creations, Each piece invites the viewer to participate in the narrative, leaving room for their unique interpretation. 

Join Maria Mihalikova on a journey through her art, where imagination knows no boundaries and beauty is woven into every stroke of the brush and pen.

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